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£0,000 / year

for robot *
  • Customer support
  • Direct chat
  • Online calls
  • Custom robot library
  • Priority bug fixes
  • Become a sponsor
* Corresponds to the number of robot controllers in your organization. For more than 6 robots contact for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users are covered?

The pricing for commercial support is based on number of robots in your organization used with the software, regardless of the number of users.

If your organization has more than 6 robots, contact us at for a quote.

What if we acquire more robots?

If you acquire additional robots after purchasing commercial support, the price remains the same for the active subscription period, and will update on the following year.

What about external axes?

You only need to consider number of individual robot controllers you use with the software, regardless of the number of mechanical units connected to them.

A single controller with two robot arms also counts as one robot.

What does customer support include?

It includes, where reasonably feasible: Assisting with specific difficulties you may have setting up the software; getting the software to work with your robots; any questions you may have about best practices and similar queries; requests for missing or outdated documentation.

How do we contact support?

Any member of staff can email to mentioning your customer name. We can also join any chat app used at your organization, or schedule an online meeting.

On-site support is available for an additional fee, please contact for more information.

What is the response time?

We will use reasonable endeavors to respond to all technical queries in a timely manner (usually within one business day), but no guarantees of response time can be given.

What is a custom robot library?

A robot library contains the configuration of the robot cells in your organization.

Commercial support includes the creation, hosting, and maintenance of a robot library for your organization.

We will ask you about some configuration values found in your robot controllers.

Can I create a robot library myself?

Yes, you can also author your own robot library and publish it via a pull request to the Robots repository in GitHub.

What does it mean to become a sponsor?

By purchasing commercial support, you also invest in the continued development of an open-source project that your organization relies on.

You can choose to have your organization name and logo listed as a sponsor.

What else is included?

Any software defects you report will be prioritized and fixed in a timely manner.

We guarantee maintaining compatibility with future Rhino 3D releases during the support period in both Windows and Mac.

Can you help us with a project?

Commercial support covers queries related to the software Robots, but we are happy to work on your project for a fee.

We also offer consulting, custom software development, and other services.

Please email with the details for a quote.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time for any reason, and we will refund you for the remaining months of the support period.

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